Frequently asked questions

What is ComedySportz?

ComedySportz is a show produced by CSz Boise, where two teams of improvisors compete against each other for points and laughs. ComedySportz is licensed by CSz Worldwide, and there are 30 ComedySportz teams across the world! It isn't comedy about sports, it's comedy that is a sport! For more info, click here.

What are these tryouts you are talking about?

ComedySportz is looking to fill out its Major and Minor League levels, and if there is enough interest, form a rec improv league. More info on these league can be found below.

Do I need improv or theatre experience?

No. Although our Major League roster is comprised of players that have had training in ComedySportz improv technique, the Minor League and Rec League has players that have had no previous experience. What you do need is the ability to listen, learn and work well in a team environment. Notice we didn't say you need to be funny. We encourage people during our tryouts not to be funny. If you are letting "Oh, I'm not funny" stop you, don't let it.

Do you get paid?

See? You already show your funny side! CSz Boise is a non-profit, 501(c)3 company, and all our members are volunteers. Although the long term plan is to pay members, for now we all do this because we honestly and truly have a lot of fun doing it.

What can I expect during the tryouts?

We will run everyone through group and individual improv games and exercises. We are not looking for the funniest people, we are looking for those that can take direction, work in a team environment, and most importantly, not be afraid to fail. Confidence and energy go a long way in a tryout. In improv, failure is usually entertaining.

How do I sign up?

Somewhere at the bottom of this webpage is a link to register. Hopefully you can find it.

Where can I find more information on what this is all about?

Our ComedySportz page: www.boisecomedy.com Our CSz Boise company page: www.cszboise.com CSz Worldwide: www.cszworldwide.com

To register, fill out the form at

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CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz
CSz Boise - ComedySportz

We train a lot, we play a lot, we have fun ........... a lot!!

Wednesday, January 23rd

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Studio 185, ​6225 W Overland Rd.

Major League Team

The Major League roster consists of a maximum of 25 dedicated, committed players trained in ComedySportz improv techniques, and represent the best short-form improvisors in the area. Major league players will have the ability to play in all Major League home matches (currently 8-10 matches per month). Major League players can also be scheduled for any away matches, corporate training events, and teach classes.

Minor League Team
Minor League Team

The Minor League is the training ground for future ComedySportz Major League players, and for ComedySportz trained players that are unable to commit or participate fully in the Major League Program. Minor League practice is scheduled weekly on Thursday nights, and perform ComedySportz matches on a regular basis giving Minor League players an opportunity to play in ComedySportz game conditions. There is a nominal fee for Minor League training and it is worth every penny!

Rec League

If interest warrants it, a Rec League will be formed for people that are interested in improv in general. CSz Boise will provide a practice space (pending space availability), and coordinate guest instructors. CSz Boise will also provide performance space (pending availability) for Rec Leaguers to schedule their own shows. Rec League shows may choose any improv format (long form, short form, etc.), as long as it is not a competitive format.

High School League HSL.png
High School League

If you are a teen check out our High School League! We have Tryouts there for teens grades 9 through 12, even if you are not currently attending High School!

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