CSz Boise, Inc. Presents:

The ComedySportz Match
Every Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm

Imagine the excitement of a sports match.


Each team competing to be the best. The game starts out with the thrill of potential. The referee blows their whistle and they're off! Now the score is tied. Then your team pulls ahead. Cheering erupts. The applause is like thunder. And you can't get that smile off your face.

That's what ComedySportz is.


Two teams of improvisors competing on the spot for points and laughs. The ref calls the fouls. The loyal fanz shout out the suggestions. And just like in sports the rules stay the same but each game is unique and will never be played exactly like that again. Fans of all ages go home high-5-ing and replaying favorite scenes and highlights.

That's right, each ComedySportz match is unique because everything we do is improvised for you.


No scripts. No plans. Just the wits of the players, the fun of the games, and the skill of the referee who makes sure each match fulfills our promise of Clean Comedy For Everyone.


Your mom will love it. Your teen will love it. Your kids will love it. Your date will love it.

Like a roaring group tailgating at a game, ComedySportz Boise matches are not just an event, they are a laugh-out-loud, bonding time for our loyal – and new – fanz every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30pm.

Matches do sell out. Reserve your seats now.