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Are you...


  • A new manager who needs to create team synergy for your vision - fast?


  • An organization in need of more productivity with less stress?


  • Tired of the same old boring off-sites and meetings?

Then CSz Boise Corporate Training is for you.


CSz Boise, Inc., the parent company of the internationally acclaimed ComedySportz improv format, offers Corporate Training designed to bring teams together in the most effective way possible - through shared creative experiences.

Science has proven that singing together creates synergy. But don't worry, you won't have to sing. Instead you'll just feel like singing as you watch your teams work better together in ways you never imagined.


Because improv is a unique skill that requires both innovation AND cooperation. Which means your teams will generate new ideas that naturally work together with your goals, your mission, and your desire to have an easy, stress-free, and profitable business.

Ask us how we can help your unique organization.


Our top trainers are nationally certified Improvisation Educators which means you get instant access to years – even decades – of experience applying the science of improv to the art of managing a successful business.

Interested? Email us to get the process started.

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