Youth Improv Classes

Grades 6, 7, 8
(Grades 9 and up take adult classes.)

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Sign Your Kid Up For Some Fun

Looking for a fun activity for your child? Improv classes are fantastic fun – for both introverted and extroverted kids. If your child has any interest in pretending, story, or the theatre arts they will get a kick out of improv.

Sign Your Kid Up For Some Life Skills

Improv isn't just fun, it's full of skills your child will use for life. Skills your child will use for success.


Skills like:

  • Listening

  • Cooperating

  • Making choices

  • Answering questions well

  • Speaking in public clearly

  • Synthesizing ideas into reality

  • And of course, feeling great about themselves


Let's look at some real-life examples.

A person gets a job interview.

They walk in, sit down and find their potential new boss or co-worker looking at them. What comes next? Hopefully the job, right? Improv skills help a person relax and pay attention to social cues even in high-pressure situations like job interviews.

A person becomes a teacher, professor, trainer, entrepreneur, manager or anyone who has to speak to, lead, or motivate groups.

Improv skills help you speak effectively. It also helps you with one of the most under-taught skills a person can have in their success tool belt: a well-deleoped sense of humor and the skills to use it. If you have ever thought "that sounded funner in my head...." you know what that is. With improv training, speaking to a group – whether you are giving a power point presentation or teaching a science class – becomes easier. And more effective. Which leads to promotions, sales, and greater learning. 

So yes, taking your child to improv class is fun, but it's going to come in handy when they interview for a job or college, when they to speak to their employees or their boss, and when they want to communicate and team build in the "real world".

This Mom Says:
"My daughter started taking the kid classes this year and I am amazed to see her use her new skills. I see it all the time now, from how she can chat with people in daily life (the grocery store clerk, etc.) to how much better she speaks during family conversations over the holidays. Plus, she is just brimming with new confidence. I can't thank ComeySportz enough." - Stay-At-Home Mom of 3


$89 for one kid

Sign up two kids and save. $149 for two students

Cost includes 5 tickets to see any show at the ComedySportz arena. (That's a $50 value.)

Space is limited.

Sign your kid up now to reserve their spot. And also so you can get it on your calendar. We all need our stuff on our calendars.

P.S. Is This A Drop-Off Class?

You can stay and watch the class if you like or you are welcome to drop your kid(s) off and take some time to yourself. The ComedySportz arena is near the corner of Emerald and Orchard so it's easy to pop over somewhere to do some shopping, eating, or coffee drinking.

P.P.S. What happens after this class?
If your child wants to continue with improv they have a few options. If they have completed this beginner course they may be eligible to join the Mini League. This is an ongoing group for improvisers aged 10-13 that meets later on Saturday afternoons. Once they turn 14 they can either join a High School League team if one is available or apply to join the Minor League team that meets on Thursday evenings. Taking a ComedySportz kid class is an opportunity for your child (both schooled and homeschooled) to join a positive organization that works with four amazing principles: collaboration, inspiration, gratitude, and fun.

If you have any questions, please contact our Kid Class teacher, Dawn, herself a mother of four.