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CSz Boise and TVCTV Join Forces to Entertain Treasure Valley

Boise, ID - CSz Boise, Home of ComedySportz, and Treasure Valley Community Television (TVCTV), Channel 64, joined together in collaboration to bring more clean entertainment options to everyone. The public is invited to come celebrate this weekend, August 24 & 25th.

CSz Boise moved from their old location on Emerald Street into TVCTV’s studio at 6225 West Overland Road. With some fresh paint and bustling activity, the new space provides a better experience and a more convenient location for fans of CSz Boise’s ComedySportz. TVCTV hopes to increase public awareness and tap into local talent for fresh new content. Also, TVCTV and CSz Boise look forward to opportunities to work together on projects in order to broadcast more entertainment options on TVCTV’s channel 64 and online.

CSz Boise, a local non-profit, recently celebrated five years of bringing their award winning ComedySportz show to the treasure valley. ComedySportz is a unique form of competitive improvisational comedy accessible to everyone. Each ComedySportz show consists of a match with two teams, red and blue, battling it out for the laughs and applause of that night’s loyal fans. There is a referee that keeps the match moving, taking suggestions, and keeping things clean. That’s right, ComedySportz is clean and funny for everyone.

What fans have to say:

“ComedySportz is one of my favorite places to be on the weekends! The show has it all - family values, great improv games, and friendly rivalry. The theater is intimate, the laughs are plenty and it's definitely one of a kind. If you've never been, you're missing out!” -Paige Leone

“Our family loves ComedySportz Boise not only because the improv players are hilarious, but because they truly love what they do: making people of all ages laugh and have fun! The camaraderie they have keeps us coming back every Friday and Saturday night! The only bad thing about ComedySportz Boise is when each match ends and we are forced to go through withdrawals until the next time.” -Angela Manning

CSz Boise is one of 29 locally owned locations across the US and and Britain. As part of the grand opening celebration this weekend a team from CSz Provo is coming to Boise to compete on Friday the 24th of August. Join us as CSz Boise’s hometown Boise Spuds face off against CSz Provo’s visiting team. You can laugh along as you root for your favorite team. Fans are invited to come early at 6:45 to warm up with the players!

On Saturday the 25th CSz Boise is hosting an open house in Studio 185 at 6225 W. Overland Rd. There is a free Improv Jam where the public is invited to come learn and play improvisational games from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. At 5 PM is a Free Mixed League match combining players from CSz Boise’s Middle School League, High School League, and adult training program, the Minor League. At 7 PM seating begins for the night’s CSz Boise Major league match that starts at 7:30 PM.

Bonus offer for either night: We are partnering with Astegos, a non profit that helps care for and re-home families in need. Bring in a package of baby wipes and get in for $5 or beat the crowd, buy online, and get a free ticket to come back when you bring in your donation!

“This move is a great opportunity for both our organizations to serve the public better through greater awareness. We are excited about the possibilities.” -Dawn McKeeth, Executive Director of CSz Boise

“We're just tickled pink to have ComedySportz moving in. We hope this will raise community awareness so people in the Treasure Valley know this is their station too. We're always open to new ideas and are looking for ways to move forward and branch out.” -Mark Ackerman, Director of Programming TVCTV

CSz Boise’s ComedySportz matches are held every Friday and Saturday at 7:30 PM. Doors open at 7 PM and you can guarantee a seat by buying tickets online at

CSz Boise and TVCTV are both 501(c)(3) non-profits dedicated to changing and enriching lives through education and entertainment. For more information you can visit, or find either organization on Facebook!


ComedySportz Boise Welcomes you to our new Studio 185!

6225 West Overland Road, Boise, Idaho

Friday, August 24th

CSz Boise versus CSz Provo

Match at 7:30, doors open at 6:30.

Come early for the opportunity to warm up with the players at 6:45

Saturday, August 25th

Open House begins @ 3

Free Improv Jam 3:30-4:30!

Free Mixed Level match @ 5

Seating for Major League Match begins @ 7, match starts @ 7:30

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