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New improv classes coming up!

Our next round of improv 101 classes start soon. Our adult 101 class starts September 11.

If you want to improve your teaching, meeting or interviewing skills, become more flexible in your ideas and problem solving, cultivate happier relationships and just plain have so much fun your face hurts, take a ComedySportz Boise improv class. This is a great class for improv beginners!

Have you taken our 101 class and want more? Our next 201 class starts on September 13th! The focus of this class will be on creating and sustaining improvised scenes. It will also further explore improvising characters and environment, as well as introducing the elements of rhyming and wordplay.

Finally, looking for a fun activity for your child? Improv classes are fantastic fun – for both introverted and extroverted kids. If your child has any interest in pretending, story, or the theatre arts they will get a kick out of improv. Our kids 101 class starts September 23.

For more information on any of our classes, click on the classes tab on our homepage!

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