Our Crazy 12 hour Improvayardsalethon.

When: June 17, 2017 from 10:00am and 10:00pm

Where: The CSz Boise Arena
Why: Because we are crazy! Well... we ARE crazy about raising money to support our non-profit. ComedySportz Boise is dedicated to helping the world through improv - uplifting one person a time. Raising one child's self-esteem, helping one person reduce depression, helping one person get a better job through improved communication skills. Over and over again, one person at a time. Because each person makes a difference. And improv makes a difference for each person.

How Does The Improvathon Work?
We have 6 ComedySportz matches running back to back! Tickets start at just $5.00! We will also be having a yard sale. Donations of items are accepted and can be made here.  

In addition to ticket sales, the Improvathon raises money through donations, sponsorships, and auctions. Last year someone won the right to change the name of one of our games for the whole year. What will YOU name yours?

To stay tuned, connect with us via social media or join our email community.