Attention Groupon holders

Per Groupon policy, purchasing  a Groupon does not guarantee seating to any particular show, as there are multiple shows to choose from. In the fine print, it says you will need to be there 30 minutes before the show. As we have moved to a smaller location, we are selling out more shows, and people who have purchased tickets to a specific show get seating over those that have general admission tickets such as a Groupon. 


To help better serve our wonderful customers, ComedySportz is instituting the following Groupon holder policies.


 -- We will ignore the expiration date! Groupon requires us to have an expiration date, but we always ignore it. You can use your Groupon up to one year after the purchase date!


 -- If you want to come to a particular show, we have come up with a way to guarantee seats, but with the following conditions:

  • Go to the Tickets tab and find the show date you would like to attend. In the Enter Code box upon checkout, enter the code Groupon

  • You have to pay a small ticketing fee. This goes to the ticket company, not us. If you have a Groupon for 4 and are brining 4 people, please make sure to "buy" 4 tickets. If you have a Groupon for 4 and are coming with 3 or less, "buy" as many as you need, and we will give you a free ticket coupons for the difference for future use. We are nice that way!

  • We will hold your seat until 7:15pm.

  • You still need to bring your Groupon in

  • If you want to purchase more tickets than you have Groupons for, please complete the Groupon transaction and then go back to purchase your regular tickets. 


This is the only way we can hold seats for Groupon holders. Thank you!