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Have you missed us?

We've missed you!

We've also been busy! Here's what's NEW/THE SAME/AWESOME:

★ ALL NEW Management - this may or may not have involved an intense thumb war battle to figure out who is in charge. However it came about, our new leadership team is ready to serve all your improv needs.

★ NEW and FAMILIAR Faces - You'll see faces you know and love - including some you haven't seen in a long time. That's because we're bringing several beloved players out of retirement. Strangely enough, while everything was in storage, we ran across them packed neatly away in a box marked "Den". We don't even have a den!

★ We're still just as classy! By that, we mean we are holding classes. Improv 101 for adults will be starting September 12th! Check out the Classes page for details!

We're working on a NEW VENUE. Maybe. Hopefully. We're working with someone and we've got a place in mind. It is going to be AWESOME, but it's not a done deal. So we'd appreciate it if you cross your fingers for us. Heck, cross your arms, legs, and eyes too. (NOTE: We advise all crossing of body parts should only be performed in a manner and at times said crossing will not pose a risk to self or others.)

★ We're holding TRYOUTS! Think you have the stuff to improvise with the best of them? Do you have the time to make a real commitment to being amazing? Come to our "First Pitch" meeting and find out what being part of this positive and inclusive community we're building entails. That is happening on August 30th at 7PM at The Z Event Center in Boise (6202 W State St, right next to Zamzows).

Whatever changes, we're still ComedySportz - Each show will still feature two teams battling it out for your laughs, your love, and those precious points. We're still comedy for everyone. And we still love our Loyal Fans.


Shows to resume early 2023!

We are currently working on getting a new venue and pulling our players out of storage and dusting them off. We miss laughing with you as well and want to get back to it as soon as possible. 

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