Adult Improv Classes
"Best money ever spent."

Improv 101

For Adults ages 18 and over and beyond

"Absolutely worth going! Fun atmosphere and fast paced." - Misty M.

"A must for everyone!"

If you want to improve your teaching, meeting or interviewing skills, become more flexible in your ideas and problem solving, cultivate happier relationships and just plain have so much fun your face hurts, take a ComedySportz Boise improv class.

"Fun, energy packed class! Great teachers. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn how to think on their feet and have fun while doing it."

But I Don't Have Any Experience!

Perfect! Classes are geared towards beginners.

No, Really, I Have No Idea What I'm Doing.
Even better. We expect you to show up for your first class thinking "What have I gotten myself into?!" When you remind us that you have no experience in this whatsoever we will cheerfully high-5 and tell you that you are in the perfect place. Improv is really about training your brain to say "yes" instead of "no". To do that we need to clear the slate of old "no" habits and create new, fun, awesome ones. So if you show up with a clean slate you're already halfway there!

"Join the Improv 101 - You'll never laugh so hard or have so much fun."



Improv 201
Must have taken Improv 101 Class


This intermediate class is for people who have completed Improv 101 or who are in our Minor League.

The focus of this class will be on creating and sustaining improvised scenes. It will also further explore improvising characters and environment, as well as introducing the elements of rhyming and wordplay.